Thursday, January 16, 2014


1970's Corporate Portrait

Dad's 70th B-Day Celebration in Beaufort
Christmas 2013
Just dating! 1954
NU - early 1950's
April 14, 1956
The Grant Girls' Wedding August 14, 1982
Vanessa and Chip's wedding 3/18/95
Marching thru the beach house sword in hand mid 90's
Dad's NBAHoops trading card
Glad to see Cameron in Beaufort late 80's early 90's
On the boat with Tommy mid-late 80's
Back patio on Queensferry Rd 1980's
NU couples 1954

Allison's 50th B-day 2/18/2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas Bonfire 2005

Christmas 2006
Katie and Joe's Beaufort Wedding 2009

Chip and Vanessa's wedding 3/18/1995
Dad's Laurel Oak Golf Buddies: self-professed worse golfers ever!
"The Poppimobile" taking Great-grandson Charles for a walk Feb 2012
Four generations
40th Anniversary 1996
50th Anniversary 2006
Argersingers' 50th 1985
Big Hal @ The Guppy
Dad and Chip 1990's
Golfing with Tommy 1987
Towing Tommy and Cameron 1986
Grants' 50th 1989
Guppy Reunion
Rafting on the Yellowstone River 1997
1996 Rose Bowl with Tommy
Big Hal and Spiderman
Beloved Trooper in the pool 2000
Grant and Cameron 2000
Big Hal and the Duke in Ligget & Myers office 1970's